Our Bay is in Trouble

Shoestring Bay used to be a healthy estuary, with clear water teeming with fish, crabs, mollusks, and other marine life. And now?  Every year we see more of those awful algae blooms and the smell…well, who wants to be around that?


This Bay May Be the Most Polluted in Southeastern Massachusetts” [Brian Howes, U. Mass. Dartmouth]

Today, our bay’s water quality meets NO Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ standards! And the fecal coliform bacteria counts are 100 times the acceptable limit!

The primary cause?  Too many nutrients leaching into the water, thanks to a growing human population. Septic systems alone are responsible for over 80% of the excess nitrogen levels in the Popponesset Bay system.

I’m a Cotuit resident living on Shoestring Bay and I’ve started a campaign to Save Our Shoestring.  And it is an SOS.  My goal for the campaign is to:

• Raise awareness of the problem
• Advise you of some of the proposed solutions
• Solicit civic engagement in making sure our voices are heard

I hope you’ll join with other Cotuit and Mashpee residents to get educated, take actions, and help change the future of Shoestring Bay. You can reach me at kilojolts1@gmail.com.

Thanks, Gary Markowitz

Above quote: Brian Howes, Professor of Marine Science and Technology, UMass Dartmouth, as quoted in the Mashpee Enterprise, July 26, 2019