Cape Cod TImes: Barnstable Sewering Project Moves Forward

A must-read; Cape Cod Times’ article on next steps for the town of Barnstable sewering.  Excerpts of the article below. Read the wastewater management draft plan

HYANNIS — The Barnstable Town Council is rolling up its sleeves to tackle the $1.06 billion sewer project that begins next year and will continue for the next three decades.

Barnstable Public Works Director Daniel Santos provided the council with an overview of the town’s draft Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan during a special meeting on Thursday night.

The draft plan was delivered to the council last week on the same day Mark Milne, the town’s finance director, presented it with a detailed financing plan for the project….An assumed average sewer assessment of $18,000 amortized over 30 years with a 2.5% rate of interest was used to develop the financing plan, according to the presentation given by Milne last week.  Among the issues that need to be addressed include

  • Establishing future effluent disposal locations
  • Developing a process for handling private roads and easements required for the sewer pipes
  • Deciding whether an elected sewer commission should be created
  • Forging inter-municipal agreements with adjacent towns in regards to watershed permits, shared technology and conveyance of flows
  • Figuring out who’s going to pay and how much (ah, there’s the rub)





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