“Pooponesset Bay” Memorialized in Boston.Com Article!

Visually, the water is usually less than translucent, smells, and is clogged with a vast field of dying red and green algae,” said Gary Markowitz, co-founder of Cape Cod advocacy group Save Our Shoestring. “Visitors to our home note the contamination and the smell and have renamed the bay in conversation — of course, in humor — ‘Pooponesset Bay’

Gary Markowitz in Boston.Com 12/1/22

Boston.Com has a terrific article out today covering the Mass. DEP’s December 1, 2022 public comment session. [Watch the proceedings] Gary was one of a dozen or so speakers to present their views and one of his witty remarks about visitors calling Poponesset Bay “Pooponesset Bay” struck a chord, so much so the article used it twice! [A shout out to Lisa’s father, Paul Fruitt, for coining that memorable term.]

We’re pleased that Save Our Shoestring gained some visibility and thrilled that the Globe, Boston.Com, and other local media have begun covering the devastation of Cape waterways from excess nitrogen caused largely by septic systems.

The final public hearing is Monday, Dec. 5 at 6:00 pm

In-person: Barnstable Town Hall, 367 Main St., Hyannis
Online: Register in advance at:

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