What We Can Do #3

Stop Fertilizer Run-Off
While waiting for Barnstable and Mashpee to commit to restoring Shoestring Bay residents can help Save Our Shoestring by managing our use of fertilizers.

When fertilizer gets into stormwater, algae grows and uses up oxygen in the water, hurting or even killing fish and other aquatic species.
Don’t fertilize before a storm  It’s an old wives tale that its best to fertilize your lawn before a rain storm. Fertilizer needs time to sink into your grass and soil so if it rains shortly after you fertilize, instead of feeding your grass, you end up polluting the stormwater.

Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 12.06.51 PMFertilize your lawn, not the sidewalk  Fertilizer that doesn’t stay on the lawn makes its way into storm drains. Once you’re done fertilizing, sweep any excess onto your lawn.
Replace your lawn
Cut back your use of fertilizer by reducing or eliminating your lawn.

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