Climate Change and Cape Cod’s Future

Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 1.02.26 PM.pngAnyone who cares about the quality of our bays, rivers and ponds should read the Association to Preserve Cape Cod’s (APCC) latest newsletter.

The authors note “climate change will have profound impacts on Cape Cod’s water resources and water-dependent ecosystems… Throughout the Northeast, climate change will impact water resources through:

  • Increased precipitation, with more of it falling as rain than snow.
  • More severe storms and flash floods leading to higher runoff and erosion, causing more water pollution.
  • Flash flood damage to infrastructure such as dams, stormwater systems, roads, utilities and buildings.
  • Warmer temperatures, shorter winters, longer summers and more droughts that create greater demand for water.
  • Increases in harmful algal blooms from warming waters and more nutrient runoff.




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